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It was hard to pick a “niche” for me. I think of myself as a pretty eclectic person. I like alot of things. I want to talk about a lot of things. So, a general lifestyle blog seemed like the way to go.

Whether I am reading blogs, watching YouTube, browsing Instagram, or anything else, there is an overwhelming amount of certain content that I’ve noticed. It’s the outfits, makeup, coffee, gym, and food content. All stuff I love by the way. Coffee is great. It’s super important to workout. Our style and makeup can help us be confident and happy. What we eat has a huge impact on our bodies and even mental health. All these things play a role in how we feel.

This blog is for everything else.

I wanted to take another approach to life, self-care, and influencing. I don’t want to tell you what you should wear, what makeup to use, what to eat, how to workout, or anything like that. I’d be telling you how to spend most of your paychecks if I did that.

I want to focus on all the other things in life that we should be inspiring ourselves with.

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For me this has a lot to do with the arts. Writing, movies, TV, and books particularly. But like I said, I like a lot of things. This blog can also cover many other topics like home, travel, technology, productivity, crafts, events, philosophy, careers, money, etc.

Instead of outfits of the day and new makeup products, I’d rather talk about:

What you should read or watch and why

How to watch a movie or TV show the best way possible

Where to travel to and why

Writing prompts

What TV shows can teach you about being a better person

Why you should have a gratitiude journal

How to organize your closet

How storytelling is a good way to cope and reflect

The importance of fiction

And so much more!

I hope this really does work and something…anything can be learned here! Thanks for reading my lifestyle blog! I really appreciate it.


i’m Tesi! I know this picture makes me look like a real estate agent but I’m really just a wanna-be filmmaker, cinephile, gamer, bookworm, and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. You’ll get a lot of content on self-care, films, TV, books, and writing but there will be a lot of other things too. Sorry,I have a lot of interests. Thanks for reading!

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