I Finally Watched Game Of Thrones: What We Can Learn

It was late 2018 when I decided that I would finally watch the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones. But I didn’t want to watch it immediately. I wanted to wait for the last season to premiere so I could just zoom through them. (I’m a huge binger.)

Then season 8 was released. Each week, the fans seemed to be getting more dissapointed. Then it ended. An end in which most Game Of Thrones fans came to the collective conclusion that the last season was awful. They hated it.

I saw memes, IG posts, tweets, and Youtube videos about how disspointed the fan base was. There were petitions to redo the last season. There is still an endless tormet of Dave & Dan, the writers and showrunners of the show who apparently, were ready to move on. It was at this moment where I decided to push it to the back of my queue.

Well this past week, I finally watched it. I’m not actually at the end of my queue yet, but I wanted to watch it before I watch House of the Dragon. And yes, I pretty much watched it in a week. Here are my thoughts:

  • Season 1-4 are some of the best seasons of television ever. Perfect! (Season 4 is my favorite)
  • Season 5-6 were great too. Something different is definitely there but, you can tell production value also shot up.
  • Season 7 was alright but very lacking. Worth watching to see everyones reactions to the dragons.
  • Season 8 defintely has it’s moments, but yea, not a big fan.

Favorie Characters:

  • Ned Stark
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Jon Snow
  • Brienne of Tarth
  • Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane
  • Arya Stark
  • Jaime Lannister
  • Varys
  • The Dragons
  • The Direwolves

I know I am years late to the disucssion but I learned a lot about writing, characters, story, creativity, and more while watching.

I mean, no matter how you feel about the last season, it’s still a ground breaking show. It’s the reason we have SO many fantasy shows now. HBO will continue to profit off of the Game of Thrones franchise. Netflix is trying to do the same with The Witcher franchise. And Amazon has the Wheel of Time and The Rings of Power series. And If I’m not mistaken, Hulu is working on something too.

As a creative who is looking to write things like this or go into TV/filmmaking or producing, here is what Game of Thrones taught me:

  • Writing is the most important thing (everything except the writing of season 8 was perfect and the season still couldn’t be saved)
  • Take your time (if you have it)
  • Think about fans (fan service is great sometimes)
  • Don’t betray yourself (you worked hard, don’t get ahead of yourself and mess up the consistency of your work)
  • Be grateful (do what you can and do it to the best of your ability)
  • You can make anything work (if someone can make dragons and zombies work, you can do something “crazy” too. As long as your writing and stories make sense and characters are great, you can make anything happen – and it could be the next big thing)

To all my fellow creatives, writers, and filmmakers, keep going! I don’t know if you agree with my Game of Thrones opinion but it just makes me feel a little better to write about it here so I know I didn’t waste time watching the end (but at least I didn’t watch over the years – I knew what was coming). And those first couple of seasons were worth it too anyways. Thanks for reading my quick rant.


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