Having an Attitude of Gratitude: An Invitation

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for awhile now but wanted to save it for the perfect time. Thanksgiving week!

I don’t doubt that there a lot of grateful people in the world. I know there are but I think with the climate of politics, social media, and consumerism that we live in, it doesn’t really seem like it…right? Or is it just me? I see more complaining and entitlement than anything but I guess that is bound to happen in media.

Attitude changes are always impactful and having a more grateful attitude, can change everything without changing anything! Meaning, you don’t need a need a new job, more money, better clothes, more friends, a haircut, or anything to do it.

My invitation to gratitude:

What: Being grateful / having an “attitude of gratitude” everyday.

Who: Everyone.

Where: Anywhere you are in life, physically or mentally, you can do this. It may be harder for some than others, but you can still do it. Whether your life is going great or it’s going down the drain. Whether you already feel like a decent person or you feel like you need to be better or nicer, etc. It can do something for everyone.

When: Not just on Thanksgiving. Everyday hopefully. I do realize saying “all the time” is a little unrealistic. We can’t always keep track of such grand goals. Saying, “I’m going to be grateful 36 times today” is tedious. And weird. For me, the best time to remember gratitude are the times when I am complaining. Don’t get me wrong, we all have a right to complain and let our frustrations out but I think it just helps me get back on a good track.

How: However you want. You can be literal if you need to and write it down or journal it. You can express it to people you are grateful for with gifts or words. You can give back to those in need or other causes in the community. In general, I try to be more patient with everything and everyone. It’s a way I can take a breath, slow down, and really reflect and think about how my inconviences aren’t the end of the world.

Why: You’ll be happier. It’s as simple as that. There is this saying that, you won’t ever be happier than you are grateful. I don’t know if everyone experiences or notices that, but I get it. Gratitiude is an underlying feeling of what we consider to be happiness. If you never have a sense of security, appreciation, regard, or respect for or from the things around you, you’ll most likely start feeling the opposite – scared, grumpy, annoyed, indifferent, etc. At least I do.

That’s it! I don’t know if you really needed some random girl with a blog to iNviTe yOu tO bE GraTeFuL (lol) but I hope there was something meaningful for you here. Thanks for reading! I’m so grateful for my readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

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