Why You Should Watch “Midnight At Pera Palace”(Turkish Netflix Series)

I’ve been raving about this series ever since I watched it…and yes, I did watch it in 1 day. This first season is only 8 episodes long so it’s not too bad.

Midnight at Pera Palace is a turkish series on Netflix about a journalist with a writing assignment on Agatha Christie at the Pera Palace Hotel (where she was reported to have written Murder on the Orient Express). As she explores the hotel, she uncovers the secret of time travel and is thrust back in time to the Pera Palace in the year 1919. She soon finds herself trying to stop a plot from unfolding that could effect the fate of Modern Turkey. It’s drama, comedy, romance, and historical fiction.

Ok, ok…imagine, a love triangle (but not really), a beautiful and fun journalist, a tall and handsome mustached man, family drama, great history lessons, singing, dancing, Back to the Future like parallels, and an Agatha Christie like mystery plot. I especially really think if you are a fan of romance books with mystery or thriller, you’ll love this show.

I was impressed with the show and I think It’s incredibly underrated right now. You can try and search it on Youtube and nothing really comes up (in English at least). I can’t even find an offical trailer to share here. So, I thought I would write my thoughts out and try to sell you all on it that way.

Here are some reasons why you should watch Midnight at Pera Palace.

  • Each character is dimensional and intersting
  • The time traveling is actually good, exciting, and instrumental in the plot
  • The plot is clear and well-written
  • It has everything – mystery, comedy, romance, thriller, drama, history, etc.
  • It’s a good lesson on the history of Istanbul – you really get to see a remarkable era of Turkey and everything it has undergone
  • The chemistry and romance between 2 certain characters is A1 – best I’ve seen in awhile
  • All the acting in it is amazing really
  • It always keeps you guessing/thinking (it’s engaging)
  • The sets and costumes are well done
  • It’s pretty clean – No crazy language, drugs, sex, etc. I don’t usually care about this but it’s nice to come across now and then

And that is why you should watch Midnight At Pera Palace. There should be a season 2 in the works now as well. I wasn’t expecting much and I didn’t know anything about it so that may have helped because I wasn’t trying to guess what the end was, etc. (I tend to do that a lot). Hopefully this post doesn’t blur your judgement though. If you decide to watch it, let me know what you think! Happy watching and thanks for reading!


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