For Introverts: The Book That Changed My Life

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Has a book changed your life?

Yes. Many books have!

The one that changed my life the most is probably:

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I had seen Susan’s TED talk on the subject of introverts and was really moved by it so I ordered the book!

The reason it was so life changing was because for a lot of my life, I didn’t understand my personality and would beat myself up for it. I’d think “why don’t I talk more” or “why can’t I just go out more” and things like that, being really upset with myself because of it. I was always comparing myself to extroverted people and thinking less of myself because I wasn’t exactly like them.

This is not to say I don’t need to do anything extroverted ever again, but reading this book gave me a sense of identity and helped me stop viewing that part of me so negatively.

I learned everything about what makes me, me! I was able to understand what is great about my personality and what my stengths are. I always had a feeling about some things but the book confirmed it for me.

Also, these parts about me were (are) always pointed out to me by my mom and other older people in the family as negative things. They are an older generation of Tongans so they wouldn’t understand what introversion is anyways but with this book I was able to understand what I do well and what I should work on, in my own way and with my own timing.

It gave me an idea on how to best use my skills as an introvert and when being an extrovert is helpful and essential (because being an extrovert is important too).

Even if you’re not an introvert I would still recommend it because most people have loved ones who are very introverted and it could help you understand them more. Plus we all have a mix of extraversion and introversion in us so maybe it could be useful to understand that other part of you.

Susan writes simply but eloquently. She uses a lot of personal anecdotes so it’s interesting and personal. It’s very informative but a fun and simple read. I hope you all can check it out!

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