For Daydreamers

Hello. Tesi here.

Something I may or may have not mentioned throughout my my blog is that I am a HUGE daydreamer. The key for me is music. If I start listening to music, I’m gone. And I listen to music a lot.

I am incredibly grateful for the creativity, fun, happiness, satisfaction, or relaxation my daydreams bring me. But as other maladaptive daydreamers may know, it can be a hindering too. For example, I spend too much of my time doing it!

A lot of my goals this year have a lot to do with me trying to change that! To actually live my daydreams instead of just thinking about it all the time. I’m 26 and turning 27 this year and that isn’t that old, but also, my 30’s are on their way. And will arrive sooner than I anticipate, probably. I need and want to worker harder to bring those to life.

But it doesn’t have to be all sour and dramatic. I think daydreams are a sort of future envisionment or goal-oriented desire. Sometimes. If they are and they are good things, we can use that to our advantage. It’s like when they say JUST START TRYING TO BE THAT PERSON YOU WANT TO BE or BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO MARRY. Well with daydreams or daydreaming, for me at least, it’s similar. DO WHAT YOU SEE OR BE WHAT YOU SEE! Obviously, you should ensure that your daydreams are fair and good but other than that, use them to your advantage and don’t beat yourself up too much about them. Work to achieve some part of it or something like it.

Anyone else feel the same about daydreaming? Anyone else have any other opinions or tips about daydreaming? Let me know, I’d love to hear them.

So for my fellow daydreamers, I hope you have a productive and dream filled year! Reach for the stars, my daydreaming friends. Thanks for reading my random rant.


i’m Tesi! I know this picture makes me look like a real estate agent but I’m really just a wanna-be filmmaker, cinephile, gamer, bookworm, and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. You’ll get a lot of content on self-care, films, TV, books, and writing but there will be a lot of other things too. Sorry,I have a lot of interests. Thanks for reading!

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