DNF: Why You Should Ditch Books If You Can’t Start Them

For a little bit in Feburary and the beginning of March, I was in a reading slump. I didn’t read that much and I just didn’t feel like reading. It was a little weird because in January I had read a couple of books each week. I was on a roll. Keyword: was. Then February started and I suddenly couldn’t get myself to read. I thought it was because I was getting lazy and spending too much time on my phone. But recently, I discovered the real reason:


To preference all of this, I should explain my TBR. My TBR is a mixture of books from subscription picks to series and classics. Then there is a small part of my TBR that is, honestly, books I didn’t vibe with. I started them but couldn’t go on to finish them. Put them aside and said I would come back to them. I won’t name the books, but I had about 3 or 4 of them total. I was trying to reading one and had the others lined up to read after. They were books I just couldn’t for the life of me get into but because of some feeling, entitlement, or shame I had, I thought I had to get through them. But I decided to stop them altogether and just give them to my sister, a fellow bookworm. I started something new and lined up new books to read and now I’ve read about 4 books in the past 1 1/2 weeks. I’m back!

If you really want to enjoy reading, I recommend getting rid of the feeling that you have to read certain books or finish books. Read whatever interests you! In other words DNF if you need to. “DNF,” which is mostly used on TikTok, usually refers to the phenomenon of not finishing books (“Did Not Finish”) or describes the book or set of books you did not finish (“This is a DNF” or “This book is in my DNF”). Across many different social media platforms, you can find people like me who think to not finish a book or “DNF” is great.

Now, I know this can be tricky. I don’t want anyone to loose out on good books that maybe just started slowly, but you can always try and come back to it. Maybe trying other books and reading some other things will help prepare you and build the ability take on the book you are trying to read. Or maybe it’s just not a book for you and you can give it away. Both options are fine!

There’s so many good books out there, finding one that is perfect for you is, I think, a better way to spend your time then enduring a book that you aren’t sure about but hope to be good. DNFing helps you reorganize your mind and pumps you up again! You no longer need to have (negative) preconieved notions about something you’re reading. Everything is new, fresh, and exciting! If you find yourself in a reading slump, change up what you’re reading or what you’re planning on reading. Get yourself hyped up and excited!

Happy DNFing my friends. Thanks for reading!


i’m Tesi! I know this picture makes me look like a real estate agent but I’m really just a wanna-be filmmaker, cinephile, gamer, bookworm, and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. You’ll get a lot of content on self-care, films, TV, books, and writing but there will be a lot of other things too. Sorry,I have a lot of interests. Thanks for reading!

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