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  • Lessons I’ve Learned From Living At Home With My Parents At Age 26

    Today’s Bloganurary prompt is: What irritates you about the home you live in? Now, the answer to this prompt is not “my parents,” but the prompt brings up interesting points and experiences for me. So that’s what I’m going to talk about. I think to adults in this, especially in this economy, moving back in…

  • For Introverts: The Book That Changed My Life

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Has a book changed your life? Yes. Many books have! The one that changed my life the most is probably: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain I had seen Susan’s TED talk on the subject of introverts and was really moved by…

  • An Underrated Film, TV Show, and Book of 2022

    2022 was filled with a lot of great entertainment! I, personally, really got into TV and caught up on everything from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad. I also made many reading goals and watched a lot of movies, but that’s normal. I wanted to share three 2022 releases – a movie, TV show, and…

  • Happy 2023: What I Want To Achieve This Year

    Happy New Years! I’m participating in Bloganuary! Yay! I don’t know if I have the ability to do it every day, but I’ve made it a goal to do every week at least, if not multiple times a week! The prompt is: something I want to achieve this year. This year, I’m actually being a…


i’m Tesi! I know this picture makes me look like a real estate agent but I’m really just a wanna-be filmmaker, cinephile, gamer, bookworm, and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. You’ll get a lot of content on self-care, films, TV, books, and writing but there will be a lot of other things too. Sorry,I have a lot of interests. Thanks for reading!

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Overcoming The Loneliness Epidemic

Epidemic and pandemic – terms that have been used a lot within the last couple of years, especially in terms of viruses and health. The “loneliness epidemic” is a term that was also coined within…

2023 recommendations:
  • The Last Of Us (TV Series) (HBO Max)
  • Succession (TV Series) (HBO Max)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 (Film)
  • Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen (Book)
  • What Lies In The Woods by Kate Alice Marshall (Book)