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  • For Introverts: The Book That Changed My Life

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Has a book changed your life? Yes. Many books have! The one that changed my life the most is probably: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain I had seen Susan’s TED talk on the subject of introverts and was really moved by…

  • An Underrated Film, TV Show, and Book of 2022

    2022 was filled with a lot of great entertainment! I, personally, really got into TV and caught up on everything from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad. I also made many reading goals and watched a lot of movies, but that’s normal. I wanted to share three 2022 releases – a movie, TV show, and…

  • Happy 2023: What I Want To Achieve This Year

    Happy New Years! I’m participating in Bloganuary! Yay! I don’t know if I have the ability to do it every day, but I’ve made it a goal to do every week at least, if not multiple times a week! The prompt is: something I want to achieve this year. This year, I’m actually being a…

  • Things I’ve Learned in 2022

    This will most likely be my last post for the year so I wanted to do a little rewind of some important lessons I’ve learned this year. Keeping reading and learn some things I’ve learned! So those are the lessons I learned this past year. Some of them I had to learn the hard way,…


i’m Tesi! I know this picture makes me look like a real estate agent but I’m really just a wanna-be filmmaker, cinephile, gamer, bookworm, and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. You’ll get a lot of content on self-care, films, TV, books, and writing but there will be a lot of other things too. Sorry,I have a lot of interests. Thanks for reading!

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Overcoming The Loneliness Epidemic

Epidemic and pandemic – terms that have been used a lot within the last couple of years, especially in terms of viruses and health. The “loneliness epidemic” is a term that was also coined within…

2023 recommendations:
  • The Last Of Us (TV Series) (HBO Max)
  • Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen (Book)
  • What Lies In The Woods by Kate Alice Marshall (Book)