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  • Happiness and Responsibility: How To Find Joy Through Duty

    I’ve heard something along the lines of “happiness is taking care of your responsibilities” in many different instances over my life. This way of thinking is not the cultural norm, I would say…not for western culture, anyway. I think a lot of people, especially young people, think happiness comes from having the freedom to do…

  • Why You Should Watch “Midnight At Pera Palace”(Turkish Netflix Series)

    I’ve been raving about this series ever since I watched it…and yes, I did watch it in 1 day. This first season is only 8 episodes long so it’s not too bad. Midnight at Pera Palace is a turkish series on Netflix about a journalist with a writing assignment on Agatha Christie at the Pera…

  • Having an Attitude of Gratitude: An Invitation

    I’ve wanted to write about this topic for awhile now but wanted to save it for the perfect time. Thanksgiving week! I don’t doubt that there a lot of grateful people in the world. I know there are but I think with the climate of politics, social media, and consumerism that we live in, it…

  • Take Control of Your Anxiety: Tips For Anxious People

    I’m a very anxious person. Especially in unfamiliar situations and large groups of people. When I was in college, I would do my grocery shopping at 7 AM on Saturday mornings to miss the crowds and craziness (but lets be honest, no one likes shopping in a college town). I also get anxiety driving sometimes.…


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Overcoming The Loneliness Epidemic

Epidemic and pandemic – terms that have been used a lot within the last couple of years, especially in terms of viruses and health. The “loneliness epidemic” is a term that was also coined within…

2023 recommendations:
  • The Last Of Us (TV Series) (HBO Max)
  • Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen (Book)
  • What Lies In The Woods by Kate Alice Marshall (Book)